Katy Perry | Source: Getty Images
Katy Perry | Source: Getty Images

'What Happened to Katy Perry?': The 39-Year-Old Boasts Curvy Figure in White Swimsuit, Sparking Heated Stir

Naomi Wanjala
Jun 18, 2024
10:20 A.M.

Katy Perry's latest Instagram post has the internet in a frenzy. She's not just rocking a white bikini, she's oozing confidence and bold style in a way that's leaving fans speechless.


Katy Perry is unleashing her wild side, causing quite the buzz! On Monday, the pop sensation dropped a sultry photo, flaunting her toned figure. In the snapshot, the "Roar" singer stuns in a daring white bikini, adding a futuristic twist with black armored legs that give her a partial robot look.


The post, which has already racked up nearly a million likes, also served as an announcement for her new song, "Woman's World." Perry excitedly revealed the release dates: “WOMAN'S WORLD. SONG JULY 11. VIDEO JULY 12. PRE-SAVE + PRE-ORDER. GET READY TO POP OFF. KATYPERRY.COM,” she wrote.

To amp up the anticipation, Perry shared a video of herself in the same bold outfit, singing a line from her upcoming track. The clip features her whipping her hair and pulling the camera closer to showcase her ensemble, adding to the excitement.


Fans had mixed reactions to the daring post. One astonished fan commented, "Doesn't even look like Katy." A curious follower asked, “Umm, what happened to Katy Perry? She does not look the same.”

A more conservative critic expressed disappointment, saying, “You have forgotten where you came from! We don't want to see that image! So disappointed!” Another user suggested a wardrobe upgrade, “She's wealthy enough to buy a bikini top that fits.”


Despite the criticisms, Perry’s loyal fans were quick to defend her. One admirer simply gushed, “Goddess.”

Katy Perry isn't shy about discussing her body, embracing her curves, and acknowledging she's not sample-sized. In a candid past interview, Perry revealed that her cup size didn't fit her chest while she was modeling her makeup collaboration with Cover Girl cosmetics.


Referring to her outfit, she quipped, "This cup doesn't fit in and my boobs are down to here. I'm not trying to cover them, either." The singer is a vocal advocate for body positivity and hopes the conversation continues to evolve.

However, she believes women shouldn't be confined to specific labels like curvy or plus-size. Perry encourages everyone to embrace their unique body types on an individual basis. Known for her boldness and unique style, she isn't afraid to ignore the critics.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala in Los Angeles, California on September 25, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala in Los Angeles, California on September 25, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Recently, Perry and her partner Orlando Bloom faced backlash from netizens for their casual outfits. Perry sported a stylish pair of oversized jungle green pants and a fitted gray bodysuit, accessorized with a bright orange cap, platform shoes, a silver chain, and silver earrings.


She topped off the look with a chrome-colored jacket and a beige purse. Bloom, on the other hand, wore a gray UNICEF hoodie and olive khaki pants, completing his look with a black cap and sneakers.


The couple was attending Ellen DeGeneres' comedy show in Los Angeles, but their laid-back style stirred up a storm on social media. While many praised Perry's bold fashion choices, others zeroed in on Bloom's appearance, with some even commenting that he looked older.

One fan wrote, "I was like, who's that old man next to Katy Perry? Oh yes, that's Orlando Bloom 😬." Another echoed a similar sentiment, saying, "She looks great! Orlando has aged, bless him."

Meanwhile, a different critic took aim at their fashion choices, asking, "Why are they dressed like 14-year-olds at the skate park?" Despite the backlash, many fans chose to see the beauty in the couple.

One admirer even praised Perry for her choice of a handsome partner. Concerns also arose among fans who speculated that the power couple might have broken up, with many assuming they had called it quits.


However, the lovebirds are still together and stronger than ever. In April, during an interview with Trevor Noah, Bloom gushed about Perry, professing his love for the "Dark Horse" singer. He revealed that he fell in love with the genuine, down-to-earth woman behind the superstar persona

Despite criticism and break-up speculation, Perry and Bloom continue to showcase their unwavering bond and unique sense of style. As they navigate the spotlight together, it's clear that their love and individuality shine brighter than any critique.

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