Source: Sacramento

Single Mom with Kids Lives in a Car behind Walmart, 2 Deputies Can't Ignore Her Plight

Lois Oladejo
Mar 16, 2022
03:37 P.M.
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A single mother and her three kids had been living in their van for four months until two officers patrolling the area offered to help. Continue reading to find out what happened afterward.


Homelessness is one of the most devastating issues plaguing America and the world. A single mother and her kids in Sacramento knew that heartbreak all too well until two police officers helped them.

For four months, Shannon Loveless and her three children lived in their van, parked behind a local Walmart, and they could hardly get by.

Deputies, Tim Yee and Johnny Le giving Shannon Loveless and her three children groceries and toys. | Source: Sacramento


Not only were they struggling with sudden homelessness, but police officers and civilians had also pushed them out of almost all the places they camped out.

Sadly, the family of four was forced to depend on food banks to eat, and slowly, their resources were wearing painfully thin. But in December 2017, interaction with two Police Deputies, Tim Yee and Johnny Le changed their lives.

Shannon Loveless watching her children play. | Source: Sacramento



Loveless revealed to CBS Sacramento that the police officers approached her, and at first, she was cautious. The mom of three did not know if she and her kids would get in trouble.

But when Yee and Le approached her, they were touched by their living conditions. One of the deputies told the outlet that seeing the kids hungry and in a dirty state touched him.

Shannon Loveless making lunch for her family behind a local walmart. | Source: Sacramento


Immediately, Yee and Le headed to the store and returned with bags full of clothes, food, and toys for the kids. In turn, Loveless's perception of the police changed.

Loveless revealed how it was fantastic to see the kinder side of police officers, compared to the popular opinion that they all have negative sides to them.

Deputy Johnny Le playing with the children. | Source: Sacramento


On the other hand, the officers were delighted to have changed the family's notion about them. Deputy Yee confessed:

"There is a softer side of us; they see this; they see the flashing red and blue lights, they look at us bad, we are there to help them and their situation."

Two Police Deputies, Tim Yee and Johnny Le brought groceries and toys for Shannon Loveless and her three children. | Source: Sacramento



The police officers' act of kindness did not stop at giving the family food and clothing. They removed the family of four from the streets and situated them in a local motel until social services could find them a permanent residence.

Seeing how the gesture affected her kids, the mom of three was overwhelmed with emotions. While shedding tears of joy, she said that it was awesome watching her children have a warm place to sleep, watch cartoons, and live normally. The excited woman added:

"It's a total game-changer; the motivation is there, the morale is there, I'm ready, let's get this year right!" 


Yee and Le's thoughtful act of kindness gave Loveless and her kids a new lease on life. They could finally live normally while the woman figured out what to do next. Also, with a roof over their heads and food on their table, Loveless needed not to worry much.

This story remains an encouragement to everyone to always offer help to anyone in need. That one act of kindness could potentially change someone or a family's story.