77-yr-old janitor hears name over speaker. She rushes to cafeteria and faces the whole school

A school janitor has been surprised with a birthday party at 77 years old after a member of the staff discovered the secret that she had never had one in her life.

Two hundred students from age 6 to 13 celebrated the birthday of their school janitor lady and their sweet surprise brought tears to the woman’s eyes, she couldn’t believe they throw a huge party in her honor.

According to a Shared report, Frances Buzzard, who is the Belle Elementary School janitor, grew up in a family that couldn’t afford many privileges people give for granted. That’s why she never had a proper birthday party before.

Her dad had been in the military and worked in timber, but times were tough. Later, her dad developed health issues that left him unable to work, putting the family in more dire straits.

Miss Frances, as known by the staff and students, has made an impression at the school with her unflagging work ethic. She was always busy and even asked to polish things when no one else ever had previously done it.

After learning her secret about never having a birthday party, the staff knew they had to do something special for their beloved Miss Frances when her birthday drew near around a year after they hired her.

So, on January 19, Miss Frances assumed there must have been a spill that she needed to help clean up when she was called to the cafeteria. Imagine her surprise to see, instead of a mess, a room filled with 200 students who suddenly shouted “Surprise!”

The principal quickly explained that, although the custodian’s actual birthday was coming up on Tuesday, Miss Frances would not be in school on the day she turned 77. However, this big party was for her.

The custodian was taken to the center of the room and seated while a birthday sash and tiara were placed on her. A funny video was shown with pictures of her photoshopped into historical scenes and treats were provided to every attendant.

The hard-working lady was blown away with disbelief and gratitude. She told the principal and everyone else in the room that it was a great party, the biggest she has ever known. There is no doubt she was the queen of the school for a day. 

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