2 sisters line up. Moments later their unique dance fascinates viewers

When the audience saw these two cute girls take their places on the stage they never imagined that with their ages they could show such acrobatic skills and elegance.

We all know –especially those among us who grew up with siblings- that siblings not always get along when it comes to working together to accomplish something as a team, often interrupted by arguing over trivial matters.

But when children can work through these common inconveniences, sometimes they achieve really impressive things that prove the value of collaboration and a shared determination to reach new heights in their joint efforts.

As Faith Tap

reported, a couple of young sisters came together for a perfect dance routine that made them win the top prize at the National Duet Dance competition in 2009, and the video of their performance is a wonder to behold.

The public was left speechless when they witnessed their spectacular choreography that went way beyond what was expected for children their age. It certainly caught the audiences off guard, and they immediately knew they deserved the first prize.

It was something that only a number of spectators lucky enough to be present when these two sisters executed their number could enjoy, but fortunately, it was recorded on video and shared in Youtube for anyone to watch.

The girls decided to take risks for the dance competition giving it a try with acro dance, a modern dance style that blends several genres of dancing like ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern, with the exciting and especially addition of acrobatics.

The sisters had to practice with discipline for months to perfect their moves and to give the finishing touches to their techniques to show the world how especially talented they were, and their hard work paid off when they left everybody stunned with their routine.

The girls delighted their audience accompanied by the song Place in This World, played by Michael W. Smith. Their fluttering white dresses matched with floral headpieces were the perfect choice to make their movements stand out.

It is something that has to be seen to believe it. These girls seemed to be seriously destined to have a bright future in the dance industry, and they are certainly an example to follow of what can siblings achieve if they work together.

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