Family who cared for Nikolas Cruz release his texts sent moments before school shooting

Further details are released on the infamous shooter who took the life of 17 people in the school shootings.

The Snead family, who were allowing Nikolas Cruz live in their house before he entered Stoneman Douglas High School and murdered 14 students and three teachers in a school shooting, released texts sent to them by Cruz moments before the incident.

According to Pop Culture, the first text that Cruz sent was to Snead's teenage son asking him which class he was in and who the teacher was at the moment. The text was sent about 20 minutes prior to when the shootings began.

When the teenager replied by saying it was one of the school's coaches, Cruz again asked if he remembered Cruz. The source revealed that the coach did not remember Cruz and he was not one of the adults killed.

Several minutes later, Cruz sent another text making some kind of comment stating that he had something big to tell. When the teenager insisted him to tell what it was, Cruz simply responded, 'No big deal. Nothing bad.'

The final text that Cruz made before the shootings began was at 2:18 pm, only two minutes before he entered the school. The text read nothing more than, 'Yo,' and then he stopped responding despite multiple replies from the teenager.

Cruz was charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder and another 17 counts of attempted murder.

The source also revealed that additional details regarding the case were also released in the form of the radio dispatch audio from the day of the shooting.

The communication of Broward Deputy Scot Peterson revealed that despite hearing gunshots from inside the building, he chose to not enter the building and stopped other incoming officers from doing so as well.

On the day of the shootings, Cruz reached the school through an Uber and began shooting an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle just within 15 seconds of entering Building 12 of the school.

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