Cashier sees that something is wrong with mother and immediately takes her away baby

The maternal protective instinct is present in many women, and this cashier earned the admiration of the authorities due to her fast reaction time.

According to Inspired, this cashier woman from Colorado sensed something was wrong when this mother, called Jessica Heinonen, came into the store with her child in arms.

As she was chatting with Heinonen and her baby, the mother’s face took on a “glazed look," and she knew she had to act.

Without exactly knowing what was happening or what was going to happen next, she quickly grabbed the baby from the young mother.

This act eventually earned her praise from the authorities, who arrived shortly afterward and secured the scene after Heinonen had a seizure.

Source: Facebook/USA Today

Source: Facebook/USA Today

In 2016, Rebecca Montano was working as a cashier at a Farm Crest Milk Store in Arvada when this young woman entered the place.

According to Montano, the young woman approached the counter to pay for a soft drink, but their brief conversation shocked Montano.

Source: Youtube/Associated Press

Source: Youtube/Associated Press

“She came up to pay for an item and I was talking to her and trying to make the baby smile. All of the sudden she had a blank look on her face and I sensed something was very wrong,” Montano told Denver Channel.

Montano explained that before she had the seizure, the mother had a "glazed look" her face and that this made her feel "uneasy."

She also said that although she was trying to understand what was happening, asking "are you ok?" to the woman. After the mother started to sway, she just took the baby off her hands.

"She was just lost in space, so I thought I better take the baby, something doesn’t feel right. And then right there she started to fall and I wasn’t sure still exactly what was going on, so I yelled at a customer that was in the store. She fell, I came back, grabbed the phone called 911," she claimed.

Source: Youtube/Associated Press

Source: Youtube/Associated Press

Heinonen told Denver Channel in an update that she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 9, but this was the first time that she didn’t get any warning before going into a seizure.

The Epilepsy Foundation in Colorado said there are over 65 million people worldwide suffering from epilepsy, and Heinonen is one of the 500,000 people in the state with the condition.

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