Meet the new beauty trend called Halo Brows. Do you like it?

Rebelander Basilan
Mar 14, 2018
12:23 A.M.
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A make-up blogger invented this questionable look.


As reported by Unilad, Hannah Lyne, a beauty blogger, introduced the latest beauty trend called the 'Halo Brows.'

The look is basically achieved by drawing random shapes on your face and connect them to your eyebrows.

Hannah Lyne wrote on Instagram: 'HALO BROW lollll so me and @daisyamalie were talking about the fishtail brow trend & then we came up with this.'

The beauty blogger also came up with something called the 'Triple Brows.'

The eyebrow makeup trends don't end there. Some bloggers find a way to style your eyebrows for the occasion like the 'Christmas Tree Eyebrows.'


It became a thing last Christmas 2017. They made their eyebrows into Christmas trees.

Another trend last 2017 was the 'Nike Swoosh Brows' which was invented by makeup artist, Huda Kattan.

She shared a photo of the brows with her 22 million Instagram followers.

Kattan captioned the snap: 'I really REALLY want to encourage you guys to start your makeup page if it’s been something you’ve been wanting to do, even if you just wanna do it for fun.'


The makeup artist added that she knows it can be intimidating but she's glad she made the decision to start her own.

She also pointed out in her post that it's not necessary to have a lot of makeup or camera or even that much skill.

Another eyebrow trend sweeping the web was the 'McDonald's Brows.'


To achieve the look, you have to make your existing brows invisible using powder and concealer, then painting on faux brows as high as possible to mirror the iconic golden arches, according to Unilad.

To complete the fast food fashion look, some people are even coloring their eyebrows in yellow.

Other people think that 'McDonald's Brows' is not serious, but according to @makeuphuney of Instagram, she loves it.