Confirmed: 12-year-old boy found hanged in the family's garage. The note was found nearby

Bullying has become a terrible situation that most children have to face in their schools as it doesn’t seem to have a solution.

12-year-old Andrew Leach hanged himself in the family’s garage on March 6, 2018. According to his suicide note, he was tired of being mistreated by many other students of Southaven Middle School, located in Mississippi.

As reported by Meaww, the teenager was found by his 16-year-old brother. Matt Leach, the victim’s father, pointed out that his son was struggling internally with his sexual orientation during the past couple of months.

‘He finally came out with the information at school that he thought he may be bisexual. I think that really amped up the bullying.’

Matt Leach, Meaww, March 13, 2018.

Cheryl Hudson, Andrew’s mother, confessed that her son had a contagious smile and that he loved to spend time outdoors and camping. She added that every time he saw someone ‘down,’ he would try to help them ‘up.’

The school where Andrew and his brother studied has high levels of bullying. Hudson admitted that other teens used to call her son ‘fat, ugly, and worthless.’ Both of his parents talk to a teacher and to the 6th-grade principal, but the problem never stopped.

Even though a suicide is not that common, it is not the first time something similar happened to one of the students of Southaven Middle School. A couple of years ago, a young girl hung herself using a water towel due to bullying.

After that, many more students have attempted to do the same. Matt finally said that he wished all the students who used to bully his son, especially those who told him that he ‘wouldn’t make it out of the school bathroom,’ that they caused his death.

The school released a statement emphasizing that it treats all the bullying allegations with ‘utmost importance.’

Officials of the school district revealed that they were investigating all claims and that they have been training school counselors to deal with such situations in order to avoid children from suffering.

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