Man orders wife to bury him with ‘all his money’. What she does instead has him turning in grave

After giving her husband her word, she found an excellent solution to the problem after his death. 

An elderly gentleman made an incredibly selfish request of his wife. After working many long, hard years, he had always been stingy, and never spent more than he absolutely had to. When the time came, he wanted his wife to bury all his money with him. 

As reported by Shareably, his wife, being a good Christian woman, was horrified at the request, but struck by wanting to honor the vows she had made so many years ago. 

Eventually, she gave her husband her word that she would indeed bury all his money with him when he passed away, as he wanted to take it with him to the afterlife, never quite understanding the old adage "you can't take it with you."

He managed to guilt her into promising "with all her heart" that she would do as he asked. 

And when that day came, the woman had a decision to make. Would she honor her husband's request? Or defy him and do something useful it instead. 

Given that she was still alive herself, and retired, she could use the money to survive on for many years. Given that she was no longer earning money, any expenditure caused her undue stress. 

Unfortunately, the promise she had made weighed heavily on her heart. Just before her husband's funeral, she came up with a clever solution. 

The wife sat right at the front at the funeral, with her best friend seated next to her in support. As the undertakers were about to close the casket, she asked them to wait a moment for her to place something in the coffin. 

Her friend watched in disbelief as she approached the casket, and placed a box inside it. Then the coffin was locked, and the undertakers carried it away. 

By this point, her friend was shocked, and had had enough of the husband's ridiculous requests. She had to ask. 

“I hope you weren’t crazy enough to put all that money in there with that stingy old man,” she stated.

Proving her loyalty to her husband, the wife said that she had promised, and that she was a good Christian, so she couldn't break that promise. 

When her friend again asked if she had put all the man's money in the coffin with him, the woman had an unexpected response. 

“I sure did,” answered the wife. “I got it all together, put it into my account and I wrote him a check.”

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