Man grabbed a huge stone and threw it at a car window! Then everyone saw who was inside

After making the horrible discovery, the people gathered together to resolve the problem. 

During 86 degree weather in Ontario, Canada, in 2016, a group of people discovered that there was a dog locked inside a hot car, with not even an open window to cool him down. 

As reported by Trend Frenzy, the growing group of people noticed that the dog was becoming dazed and disoriented due to the extreme heat in the vehicle. 

The owner of the car was nowhere in sight. The car was parked at the site of a music festival in Grand Bend, and someone had spoken to the announcer to say that the poor pooch was locked inside the car. 

The announcer quickly got onto the loud speaker, and requested that the owner immediately come and let the dog out of the vehicle. 

After a short period waiting for the owners, it appeared that no one was forthcoming. 

Not prepared to wait any longer for the terrible pet owners, a man decided to take matters into his own hands. He picked up a large rock that he found nearby, and started to smash it at the window. 

After throwing it a number of times, the window of the black BMW finally shattered, and they were able to lift the poor, dazed dog out of the car. 

After the dog had been rescued by the bystanders, it took almost another hour for the owners to finally come back to their car. 

The dog was taken into custody by the police after he was rescued from the hot vehicle. 

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