Paralyzed wife hears sounds from garage each day. She cries when revealing husband's secret

She surely wondered why her husband was spending so much time in the garage lately, and the sounds that came out of there must have been a mystery to her.

An American woman and her now husband faced an unexpected challenge in an unfortunate turn of events, only to discover that, together, and with creativity and determination, they could overcome anything.

The story will serve as an inspiration to many of us when some doors seem to close for us, because it shows that, with the right spirit, we can turn every crisis into an opportunity and change the lives of the people we love and, beyond that, the humanity.

Brad and Liz Soden are a married couple with three children that understood that where there is life is hope and despite the hardships, most of the time life gives you a second chance if you are willing to take it.

According to Newsner, Brad and Liz were dating when he had to go serve his country in the first Iraq war. He was lucky enough to come back home unharmed, and he and Liz decided to move together and start a family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brad, Liz and their three children built a life together that was very satisfying and they really enjoyed a shared hobby that was one of their favorites: hiking. On August 15, 1999, they experienced something that for some time made them think they were going to lose it.

The entire family was riding in their truck together, with Liz behind the wheel, when the left front tire blew out making her lose control of the vehicle, which went off-road before crashing.

Liz got the worst injuries from the accident. She broke her back and she lost an important part of her mobility as she was left paralyzed from the waist down. Brad broke his leg, and, to the relieve of the parents, the three children only suffered minor bruises.

Nobody is prepared for such major changes in one’s life, and everybody who goes to this situation needs some time to convince himself or herself that it is not the end of the world. At first, of course, Liz feared the worst, thinking Brad was going to run away from her.

But contrary to Liz’s fears, Brad did quite the opposite. As they were still at the hospital, Brad got on his knees and ask her to marry him. This helped her to boost her confidence and gave her strength to not give up as she adapted to her new life using a wheelchair

Little by little, Liz learned how to keep her daily routine in her new circumstance, but there was something that troubled the family deeply, as it was apparently impossible for her to join her husband and children to go out hiking off the flat trails.

After one of those frustrating trips, Brad had an idea that he could not get out of his head, and as soon as he was back home, he put himself to work. He had a surprise for Liz and he kept his work secret in the garage to prevent her from finding out about it.

Brad’s secret project was to build an off-road wheelchair for Liz that would allow her to join the rest of the family wherever they went, even in nature. He came up with something really impressive and he brought her to the garage to show her the new tank wheelchair.

The model was so well designed and functional that a high-tech company, NPC Robotics, asked Brad for permission to built a prototype based on his model, for future mass production. In the end, his idea will help thousands of people.

Models based on Brad’s original design are now available to buy. As for the Soden’s, Brad and his boys are having trouble keeping up with Liz when they go out hiking. It is really an all-access wheelchair.

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