Leave a glass of salt water and vinegar at home. It helps to detect negative energies

Energies linger around us and there’s a simple trick you can do at home to detect them.

Negative energy does not necessarily mean it’s scary. Sometimes they actually are emotional energies that came from humans.

Although science may tend to disagree in the past, there are now certain studies that can prove the validity of lingering emotional energies around us.

These invisible forces have a way of making their presence felt.

We are only starting to understand these emotional vibes but Tetribe has shown a simple experiment that can help detect negative energies at home by just using a jar of water.

A writer of the site claimed that inanimate objects and spaces can retain some sort of energetic residue.

Somehow, emotional energy can attach itself to various things.

Dr. Emoto suggested through a proven study conducted a few decades ago that human emotional energy can actually have an effect on the physical world.

The study involved experiments that demonstrated physical effects of human thoughts, words, emotions, as well as music, on the crystalline structure of water.

To make a negative energy water trap, you will need two tablespoons of white vinegar, two teaspoons of granulated salt, 16 ounces of filtered water, and a jar.

Add all the ingredients together in the jar and stir the mixture well for a solid minute.

Place the jar in an area inside your home where you frequently spend a lot of time in. Leave it there for one whole day.

Afterward, check to see if the salt had risen.

Once it stopped rising, it means it has captured all the negative energy in that certain area.

You can go ahead and cleanse another area inside your home.

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