An Alabama sixth-grader wrote a will in case he is killed in a school shooting

He feared that there was a high chance of harm to his life.

As reported in an article published by New York Daily News, a student from sixth grade, Javon Davies, wrote a letter enlisting all his possessions and wished for his friend to have all of it in case something happened to him.

Exposed to the current state of frequent American school shootings, Davies feared that a similar incident may take place in his school in Birmingham, Alabama.

In the list of his possessions, Davies wrote down that he would leave his friend a PlayStation 4 along with its controllers and the games that he would play on it. He also wanted his friend to have his TV, his XBox, and his cat.

Davies made the decision of writing his will after he learned via the news that his middle school received a threat. He ended his letter by thanking his parents for taking care of him all these years.

"You gave me the clothes on my back and you stuck with me all the time. Love, Javon."

Javon Davies, CBS News, March 10, 2018

For his mother, Mariama Davies, it was difficult to fathom the fact that her son was scared for his life and believed that there was a high chance of him being a victim of a school shooting.

She could not hold back her tears thinking about what her child has been perceiving as reality. Mariama said that her son should not go through such a feeling since he's just in sixth grade and has a lot ahead of him.

Mariama believed that despite school shootings being a reality, she and her son cannot live in fear. Davies believed that everything is going to be fine because he was sure God had his back.

In the wake of multiple school shootings on the rise, school students have been standing up against tougher gun control measures. The 'Never Again' campaign has been an example of students fighting for their voice to be heard.

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