Sign language and strange love

Mar 15, 2018
11:27 A.M.

The wife had the perfect reply for her seemingly-smart husband, but he just doesn't seem to get it.


A team of husband and wife surveyor is working on a new plot of land, where they will be developing a new building.

The couple is standing around ninety to hundred yards apart from one another, so they are a little father than a hearing distance.

Suddenly, the husband realizes that he is missing a tool that he needs to continue his work.

So, he turns to his wife, and whistles at her to get her attention. When she turns to him, he uses a gesture to let her know that he requires a tool.

He points to his eye, then to his knee and then turns his hand as if he were turning a wrench. "I need a wrench," he says, although he knows that his wife cannot hear him.

Source: Pxhere

Source: Pxhere

The wife nods at his gesture and then gives him a gesture of her own. She points to her eye, then touches her heart, and then touches her crotch!

Confused, the husband simply keeps on repeating his earlier sequence of gesture, screaming yet again, "I need a wrench."

His wife then starts to nod even more enthusiastically and then repeats her own sequence of gestures yet again. She touches her eye, then her heart, then her crotch.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The husband still doesn't get what his wife is trying to say, so he gives up.

Later that evening, the couple are having dinner. Suddenly, the husband brings up the topic from the earlier.

"You know," he says, "this afternoon when I gestured to you?"

"Yes, I remember," the wife says.

"I was trying to tell you that," the husband says, repeating his gesture yet again, "I need a wrench."

The wife isn't surprised at this. "Oh, I got that," she replies. "I tried to tell you that," she repeated her own gesture once again, "I left it in the box.

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