'American Idol' returned to TV, but viewers found a reason to slam it in the heaviest way

One of the most famous singing reality show returns, but the reception from the audience is not what was expected.

American Idol returned to the television sets after two years off the air, on the network ABC, but the initial response from the fans are less than encouraging, according to Country Living.

The source also informed that, based on the ratings, the premiere episode was a success as it managed to retain 94% of its original audience. This happened despite the fact that Fox was running a controversial program on O.J. Simpson in the same time slot.

However, the reaction from the fans on social media was less than encouraging with many commenting that it would have been better if the show had never returned.

Other users also complained about the personalities of the new panel of judges. Several criticized the new line of judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, and told that they did not enjoy them at all.

Twitter account Radio Done Right immediately tweeted his review by stating that 'The new #AmericanIdol is horrible. The judges have zero personality.' He further wrote that it took him no longer than 12 minutes to know that he would never be returning to it again.

Another Twitter user, Evan Kiser, simply expressed her surprise at the return of the show by writing on her social media: 'Why is American Idol still a thing?'

Anthony Tillman even made an attempt to compare the new panel of judges with the old ones and revealed that they had been too soft on several contestants. 'Simon, Randy, and Paula would've crushed some dreams after the first note,' he tweeted.

Some of the fans were even upset about the show's decision of not broadcasting the bad singers this time around. Twitter user Jae Stephens wrote that 'no one wants to see 2 hours of good singers' but they wanted to see 'people embarrass themselves.'

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