Multiple dead and injured after bridge falls in U.S.

Collapsing bridge causes untold injuries and fatalities in Miami Florida.

A pedestrian bridge which had been installed on the 10th of March 2018 collapsed before being open to the public, reported on the 15th of March 2018. 

The bridge was being built to link the Florida International University main campus to a zone of mostly residential buildings and students dorms. Construction was still proceeding and was expected to be finalized in 2019. This afternoon the entire structure collapsed, trapping people and cars underneath it.

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that at least five or six vehicles have been crushed and there have been several fatalities.

"The new UniversityCity Bridge, which was under construction, experienced a catastrophic collapse causing injuries and loss of life. (...) We will conduct a full investigation to determine exactly what went wrong and will cooperate with investigators on scene in every way.”

Spokesperson for Munilla Construction Management,,15th of March 2018. 

The company responsible for the construction, Munilla Construction Managemen, has reacted, sharing regret and reaching out to all the victims and their families, and promising a full investigation.

One of the students at FIU, Damany Reed, revealed that he had been watching TV when he had heard a series of 'booms.' Reed explained that the busy eight-lane highway below the bridge was deemed extremely dangerous and that students had been injured trying to cross it, running the lights. It was for this reason that the University had requested the bridge.

Reed said that he had seen victims removed from the rubble and placed onto stretchers and covered with sheets. 

The university and the students are currently on spring break, but last week FIU  sent out a press release announcing the inauguration of the 174-foot bridge.

At that time FIU President Mark Rosenberg said: “FIU is about building bridges and student safety. This project accomplishes our mission beautifully. We are filled with pride and satisfaction at seeing this engineering feat come to life."

The FIU representatives have yet to manifest, but at this moment Police and rescue workers strive to remove the rubble and to find survivors under the collapsed structure.  

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