Possum steals cat's food. His reaction is priceless

Mar 15, 2018
06:01 P.M.

This poor cat discovered an unwelcome visitor when he went to eat his dinner on the porch.


Everyone knows what it feels like to be hangry. And the thought of walking to find your dinner on the kitchen table being eaten by someone else is just enough to make the blood boil.

But as reported by Bored Panda, this is exactly what one little kitty had to suffer through one night.

Arriving out on his owner's porch where his dinner was always placed, he found that instead of a nice full bowl of food, there was only half a bowl left, and a possum who was to blame for the other missing half.

Rather than attack the possum, it seems the cat had lost his protective food instincts, and stood back and watched as the uninvited possum continued to chow down on his food.

Instead, the kitty kept looking back to his owner, as if to ask "why are you not doing anything to stop this food theft?"

The next look to his owner implored, "come on, please just do something!"


While the cat should have been able to protect its food from the unwanted visitor, it seemed far too docile to take on the possum.

At one point, the kitty did try and make an attempt at reaching his food dish, only to be scared off when the possum seemed to glare in his direction. The cat was immediately chastened, and backed straight off his food dish again.

The look on the cat's face is certainly priceless, and indicative of how shocked he is that someone else would actually dare to steal the food that is clearly meant for him.

The cat is also clearly imploring his master to do something, because how on earth could his food be intended for anyone but him?

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