Dog refuses to be saved during a flood and did not allow the rescuers to come close to him

This dog did not allow the rescuers to come close to him. reported a heart-touching story of a dog, Druzhok, who lived with the Andreev family.

A dog’s loyalty amazes people and here is another story where Druzhok was discovered standing on guard outside of his family’s flood-ravaged home

The four-year-old Caucasian Shepherd had to evacuate his home with his family after a flood hit Eastern Russia in 2013

The Andreevs and tens of thousands of other families were affected by the high flood waters. The family went to stay with relatives in an apartment.

Unfortunately, Druzhok could not stay indoors at the temporary home. He disappeared on the third day..

The family went looking for him in an inflatable boat. To their surprise, they found him at the doorstep of their submerged home.

Druzhok, which means little friend in Russia, was sitting on the top step with his body half submerged in the water.

The family learned that their pet had not let anyone near their home. He had also refused to budge from the front door.

He was, however, ecstatic to finally see his family. The moment he saw them in the boat, he jumped into the water and swam over to them.

Speaking to Siberian Times, Elana, Druzhok’s mother, said that the water was deep and he had to swim over to them. He had stood on the top step of the porch in the cold water all night.

The family saw him trembling but the moment he saw them, he was pleased. The family took him into the boat while he rushed to lick them. It was a happy reunion for the family.

The family knew they could not leave him alone again. They arranged to stay temporarily with friends where Druzhok could stay inside with them. 

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