Chip and Joanna Gaines purchased an amazing over 100-year-old house in a beautiful Texas county

This Texas hidden treasure was a key part of the state’s 20th century’s history, and it is now in the hands of America’s favorite home renovation experts.

The stars of the canceled HGTV home renovation reality TV show Fixer Upper, husband and wife Chip and Joanna Gaines, have recently acquired a real state treasure in their hometown of Waco, Texas.

According to Inspiring Day, the famous home improvement investor duo set their eyes on a historic property known as the Bradshaw Estate, located on Hillcrest Drive. It was built in 1903 and their previous owners had dedicated many years to work on its restoration

As much as the previous owners Garry and Jane Dossey resisted to offer the house for sale, they came to a point when they didn’t have another option but to pass the property on to somebody who could continue their seemingly endless task

They had been in charge of the house for two long decades that brought them as many joys as headaches, and they needed to move on to something different, as hard as it was for the two of them.

The Dossey’s were afraid that the next owners of the house weren’t able or qualified to assume the mission of doing justice to the beautiful estate that still needs to have a lot of work done, but they never dreamed of the Gaineses showing up to buy it.

‘My greatest fear was that the house would fall to someone who didn’t appreciate it or have the financial resources to continue to care for it. A 110-year-old house needs some care. I think the Magnolia people will have the resources to do it,’ Garry said.

There’s no doubt that the house is now in the best hands possible, but actually, the Gaineses haven’t figure out their plans for the property yet. It is a place full of possibilities for the famous investors to explore.

The home, a six-bedroom Greek Revival-style building is 4,831 square feet sitting on two acres. It sits across the historic Cobbs-Walker Cemetery, a few blocks from the homestead of Texas Revolution veteran James Walker.

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