Nick Nolte was a sex symbol of his time. Now he is totally unrecognizable at the age of 77

The famous Hollywood actor has changed a lot from his Golden Globe winning days. He is now out with a book accounting his change.

Nick Nolte has grown up a lot from his days when he was labeled People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Today, he is 77 years of age and looks much different from his famous Hollywood days.

According to Page Six, the Golden Globe winner and the Oscar nominee was spotted at the 92nd Street Y promoting his newly released autobiography, Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines.

The source reported that contrary to his handsome hunk appearance years ago, the star now donned a 'huge white beard... fluffy snow-white hair... oversize cap that overlapped over-thick eyebrows."

The book was inspired by his addiction, his famous mug shot from 2002, after being arrested for driving while drugged, his rehabilitation, and his desire to revamp his career.

In the book, the star has opened up about some of the famous names from his life including Robert Mitchum, George C. Scott, and Ben Gazzara. Nolte has also revealed surprising advices from his experience such as: 'Don't get into a fight with director Billy Friedkin.'

Nolte also opened up about his acting technique, specially in regards to his dyslexia. Revealing about his condition, he wrote in the book that he used to write down all the dialogs of his characters in longhand. 'Slowed it down so you got the poetry of the words,' he stated.

Surprisingly, he also revealed that he never liked the 'Hollywood's formula' for a script. He would often reform a whole script and put it in his own 'commentary.' He would also divide the script into 'beats' and he would speak his lines in his bathtub until he began using his own words.

Further opening up about his famous mug shot, he also revealed, 'I needed help. I was a mess. They said I was drooling.'

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