Mom noticed the sores spreading all over son's body. Doctors warn parents about this infection

One of the most enjoyable playthings for children may contain a potential risk to health.

Bouncy houses can be as risky as they are fun to play with during birthday celebrations, a report from Jumble Joy informed. The source suggested that if not checked properly and cleaned, they may contain harmful and infectious bacteria.

Brenda Sanderson discovered this the hard way when she rented a bouncy house to enjoy a graduation party with her two sons. Where she invited plenty of friends, family members, she decided to engage the kids in the bouncy house.

Needless to say, the boy did have the best time of their lives - wrestling, jumping, sliding down the slide. Everything seemed perfectly normal and fun-filled.

However, only two days after this, she began noticing strange marks on her ten-year-old boy's body.

When Sanderson asked her son where that came from, he innocently replied, "Well Mommy, I think it's from sliding around and bouncing around the bouncy house. I think I just got burned form the plastic."

Her son was only partially right. He did get the marks from the bouncy house but it was not because the plastic burnt him.

The truth was revealed only when Sanderson took her son to the hospital after the sores began spreading all over his body. The doctors then told her that the sores were a staph infection, caused by the bacteria present in the bouncy house.

The source suggested that, much like the mats used for wrestling, it is much easier for the bacteria to stick to the plastic of these playthings. So, when these fun-looking bouncy houses are not cleaned and washed properly, they can cause serious risk.

Bouncy houses are regularly inspected by the state, but it is still advisable to double check these things for their functionality as well as cleanliness. According to doctors, if these things are not cleaned, any open cut would be at risk.

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