Famous Hollywood actor reveals he was standing outside the door while mom was being murdered

The iconic television star disclosed about the tragic incident in his life that reshaped his life and career.

Hollywood star Dylan McDermott revealed that his life was shaped by the tragedy of knowing his mother was shot to death while he stood outside the door, Faith Family America reported. The actor disclosed that his mother was shot by the person she had been dating.

After the police authorities found enough evidence to bring murder charges against John Sponza, the man McDermott's mother had been dating, the case was ruled as a homicide

At the time of his mother's murder, McDermott had been kicked out by Sponza, so he was standing right outside their apartment door. The actor opened up that when he heard the gunshots, he 'stood, stuck outside as police and an ambulance arrived'

Surprisingly, the case was originally labeled as a suicide. However, McDermott's began questioning about the case a year later, which forced the investigators to look into the case for the second time.

The investigation then revealed that the gun found next to the star's mother did not match the bullet that took her life.

Further medical examinations revealed that the gun found next to her was not the gun that was used at the scene. The actual murder weapon would have been put up against the back of her head, the authorities confirmed.

The trauma and the tragedy are almost too much to bear for anyone, but McDermott seems to have recovered well from his loss and uses the tragedy to shape his life.

However, despite being one of the highly successful actors and entertainers in the industry, many fans and followers had not known about this traumatic past of McDermott's life.

McDermott is famous for his role as lawyer and law firm head, Bobby Donnell, on the legal drama series The Practice.

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