Samuel L. Jackson and Judge Judy got cozy during a rare public outing together

The schedules of the celebrities are so busy most of the times that people get surprised when they see they actually have time to catch up with some friends.

That's the case of Samuel L. Jackson, the Avengers: Infinity War star, and Judith Sheindlin, best known as Judge Judy. On March 17, 2018, both of them enjoyed a nice dinner at a still unknown restaurant as Jackson took a photo and posted it to his Instagram account.

According to ET Online, they have been friends since a long time and Jackson's caption proved them right. He wrote that he was having dinner with a 'boss' and that it was 'dope' to be in touch with her.

Last year, he went to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and explained the origin of their friendship, saying that they first met at the house of Jackson's agent. His lawyer's husband happens to work with Sheindlin.

That's not the reason they are so close, though. He added that they became really good friends when both of them started their journey to quit smoking. The first one who managed it was Sheindlin, who quickly dragged Jackson to that healthier lifestyle.

'She sent me to her doctor in White Plains, who actually treats you with sodium pentothal and I quit smoking.'

Samuel L. Jackson, ET Online, March 18, 2018.

He confessed that not only they enjoy meals at restaurants from time to time but also like to travel together. Both of them have had tea at the Dorchester in London and have flown together 'back and forth' across the country.

During the interview, he even took his time to praise Sheindlin for being one of the highest paid personality.

For those who might be thinking they have some sort of romantic relationship going on, it's quite unlikely given the fact that both of them are married already.

Sheindlin wed Jerry Sheindlin in 1977 and, after a short break up in 1990, they are still together. Jackson, on the other hand, is married to LaTanya Richardson since 1980.

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