Siblings face off on the ice. Then they performed a routine most wouldn't dare take on

Mar 19, 2018
09:21 P.M.
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This brother and sister duo have been put on the pedestal after their performance in 2008.


John and Sinead Kerr showed off their exquisite talent in ice skating as they performed exceptionally during the World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The two, who were born in Scotland, is famous for their freestyle dancing.

With the help of their choreographer, the brother and sister have mastered the art of capturing the hearts of the crowd with their performances.

During their 2008 performance, John and Sinead chose to wear their traditional costumes as they were performing a Scottish dance. John was even wearing their traditional kilt.


As Faith Tap shared, their performance was absolutely stunning. They dared to do neat tricks and moves that some skaters wouldn’t have dared to do.

Truly, their performance was mesmerizing to watch.

There was a part of their routine where Sinead was upside down and holding on to her brother while he was expertly gliding through the ice.


Sinead was clinging on to him with only one hand while John was not even holding her.

They received a great deal of support from the audience after their performance, with their countrymen cheering proudly and holding their flags from the stands.

The panel of judges present was just as mesmerized by them as the crowd was.