Oscar winning actor and Bollywood superstar Irrfan Khan reveals he suffers from a rare disease

The 51-year-old Bollywood star revealed that he is currently suffering from a rare disease. 

Faith Family America reported that the Oscar winner Irrfan Khan shared on Twitter that he had been diagnosed with a rare disease.

Khan became famous for his performances in The Life of Pi and Jurassic World.

On March 16, 2018, the actor revealed that he is fighting against a neuroendocrine tumor. He admitted that the disease had already taken its toll on him.

As CNN shared, the Mayo Clinic explained that rare tumors are "abnormal growths that begin in specialized cells called neuroendocrine cells."

Rare tumors such as Khan’s can grow anywhere in the body and could be both cancerous and benign.

When he first revealed his diagnosis, he asked his fans not to worry and not to assume that anything bad would happen.

On his tweet, he posted a photo of a statement that started out with a quote from Margaret Mitchell stating, ‘Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.’

He acknowledged the love and support he had been receiving recently from those around him.

Khan also took the opportunity to dismiss the speculations regarding his disease.

He wrote, ‘As for the rumors that were floated NEURO is not always about the brain and googling is the easiest way to do research.’

Khan has appeared in over a hundred films throughout his career. He first appeared in Salaam Bombay! In 1988, which is an Oscar-nominated drama.

The actor also was a part of the cast in the Oscar-winning films like Slumdog Millionaire and Paan.

As for his own achievements, he won the Indian National Film Award for best actor in 2012 for his legendary performance in Paan Singh Tomar.

Another award he received was the Independent Spirit award for supporting actor for The Namesake, a 2006 Indian-American drama.

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