Is it normal to put your child on a leash? The answer is complicated

This has been a subject of debate for quite some time.

Tricia Ross of Simple Most shared her two cents about the issue of putting one's child on a leash.

She wrote that as a young parent, she has witnessed others putting their child on a leash. She admitted she would judge them harshly.

'I assumed that the child's parents or caregivers either didn't know how to discipline the little one properly, or were simply too lazy to try,' she wrote.

Ross then shared her experience with her grandson.

She described him as a smart and sweet boy. But he was also someone with 'high needs'.

As a newborn, he would always throw tantrums, letting everyone hear his high-pitched, abrasive cries.

He grew into a highly intelligent, sensitive and energetic toddler.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

'Someone always had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't run into the street, climb whatever was in his path or take off to check out something that had captured his attention,' Ross wrote.

Her grandson was joy to be around, but he also exhausted everyone around him.

The techniques she and her husband used with their own children to slow them down didn't work on her grandchild.

While some parents may have resorted to putting a child like him on a leash, Ross's daughter didn't resort to that.

She wrote that there always seemed to be enough adults around to keep the highly energetic and intense boy safe.

His parents have also found ways to make sure that he doesn't get hurt by his hyperactivity.

This experience with her grandchild made Ross realize that every child is different and that every situation is unique.

According to her, most parents are simply doing the best they can to handle their child.

'Let's face it. Parenting is hard! Kids don't come with manuals. Everyone is learning as they go along. As long as a child is healthy, safe and loved, who are we to judge?' Ross wrote.

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