American college rugby team player's body found hours after he went missing in Bermuda

Life is unpredictable and people never know what to expect from it. Many lives have come and gone without no one being able to understand how or why.

Mark Dombroski, a 19-year-old from Philadelphia, recently passed away. His body was found Monday afternoon, March 19, 2018, after a night of fun at the Dog House, a bar.

The young man was last seen by relatives leaving the drinking establishment at around 1:15. The incident took place in Bermuda, where Mark had traveled to with his rugby teammates, as reported by Faith Family America.

Mark was a student at Saint Joseph's, a Jesuit University located in suburban Philadelphia, and he was scheduled to return home on Sunday after participating in the 2018 Ariel Re Bermuda International 7’s tournament.

Upon learning that her son was missing, Lisa Dombroski askes the Bermuda community for help, as well as the police. A total of 21 police officers and 15 military personnel conducted a grid search in the area where Mark was last seen.

According to NBC News, surveillance footage captured Mark wandering down a street half a mile from the bar. He was by himself but he appeared to be talking on the phone.

Calvin Smith, Bermuda Police Service Chief Inspector, said, at the time, that there was no reason to believe that foul play could have been involved, but everything changed after the body was found.

As reported by the source, James Howard, Assistant Commissioner of the Bermuda Police Service, said that foul play was an option on the table and that the 19-year-old's body was found in a wooded area known as The Arboretum.

The spot was close to the sports center where Mark and his team competed earlier. So far, the police are still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to know what exactly led to Mark's death.

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