Kim Kardashian proudly shows off her curvy inner thighs following criticism of her work

Since celebrities are famous, it is easy to find people attacking them on social media. They have two options: ignore or reply them.

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of the former as she chose not to mention the criticism that has been surrounding her and her makeup line, KKW Beauty, in her most recent Instagram post.

According to Inquisitr, she took to the aforementioned social media website on March 13, 2018, to share a photo of herself that served as a sneak peek for the upcoming Elle’s April cover.

In it, she was wearing a swimsuit that revealed a lot of skin on both her upper and lower body. The photo was so surprising that it got more than a million likes in just two hours.

Kardashian captioned the image admitting that it was the first time Elle chose her to be on its cover and thanked four different people for making that ‘magical cover’ happen.

She didn’t even mention the allegations people created regarding the ‘lack of diversity’ of KKW Beauty. According to the attackers, her latest concealer line, which has 16 different shades, don’t provide enough choices for dark-skinned people.

One of the facts that attracted more attention was that it was supposed to be ‘inclusive,’ which is why they chose a dark-skinned black woman as a model of the concealer line.

The image showed her arm with all the 16 shades and it was clear that none of them actually matched her natural skin tone, which is what concealers are supposed to do.

Critics have labeled it as an ‘epic fail’ and ‘understandably offensive’ given the fact that she used a dark-skinned model to promote a concealer line that she actually cannot use.

People couldn’t help but compare it with Fenty Beauty, the highly inclusive makeup brand created by Rihanna that included 40 foundation shades. So far, Kardashian has not said anything regarding the ‘lack of inclusion’ of her new concealing line.

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