Teen survives a heinous crime, confronts her attackers in court. What a brave girl

She proved to be a fighter after she survived a heinous crime.

Glad Wire reported that Desirae Turner had some strong words for the perpetrators of the crime.

Last year, two young men, Colter Peterson and Jayzon Decker, plotted to kill a fellow student in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Young Turner, who was only 14 years old then, survived an attempt on her life. However, she suffers from setbacks because of the bullet that is lodged in her brain.

In January 2018, at Peterson’s hearing, Turner and her family had some words for one of the perpetrators. 

Turner did not back down from such an opportunity. She faced Peterson and spoke to him directly from her wheelchair.

“I am tougher than a bullet.”

Desirae Turner, Facebook, January 2018.

She said that there were times she wished she could give the gun back to Colter and tell him to try again. Sometimes she felt that she wanted to get out of her misery.

Those were six powerful words as Peterson could be seen crying during her speech.

The two 16-year-olds attempted murder of the then 14-year-old Turner because she was “annoying.”

Peterson kept getting messages and snap chats from the young girl. The boys then casually chatted about how to eliminate her as they were playing video games.

They planned to lure Turner to an abandoned location and shoot her in the back of her head. She was found lying in a Smithfield canal and was rushed to the hospital.

Surprisingly, the two did not panic or regret their actions in the slightest. They left the girl for dead and went away to buy some snacks.

The most compelling thing during the hearing was probably the video of Turner being interviewed from her hospital bed by a police detective back on March 10, 2017.

She asked the detective who shot her, and was in utter disbelief to learn that it was her own friends. 

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