Prepare to fall in love with this daddy-daughter duo dancing to Justin Timberlake’s song

A cute dancing clip of a father-daughter duo goes viral after it was shared by the artist himself.

Amid many videos that go viral on the internet, the adorable dancing sequence clip of a father-daughter duo has taken the internet by the storm, as reported by Simple Most.

The video of Josh Rinder and his 6-year-old daughter sees them dancing to the beats of Justin Timberlake's hit music Can't Stop the Feeling from the movie, Trolls.

Rinder and his daughter present a choreography that is 'on point' and they even dress up similarly by coordinating their outfits - although they are not the fancy wardrobes but only their night attire.

Rinder's pants, especially, seemed to stand out from fashion point-of-view, Simple Most reported.

So far, the video has garnered over 1.4 million views and it is only increasing by the minute, according to the online source. The video is definitely going to gather much more viewership as the artist Timberlake himself shared it.

The artist took to Twitter to share the cute dance sequence from the father and the daughter. He captioned the post by declaring that it was 'the cutest damn thing ever.'

The encouragement from the star himself is sure to not just give Rinder and his daughter a huge morale boost, but it should also make a positive impact on their internet following as well as popularity.

Meanwhile, the source suggested that the video was not the first one from Rinder and his daughter, although it is definitely one of their most famous ones. Besides the Timberlake song video, they have also recorded several other videos of their crazy antiques.

Several videos like an Oreo cookie challenge, the father-daughter duo working out and singing along with an acoustic guitar are some of the common videos that Rinder has shared on his YouTube channel.

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