Gas station clerk saves female doctor from suspected kidnapper after noticing her shaking

A young man saved the life of a woman by interfering a possible assault at the right time.

Gas station worker Manveer Komer, 25, showed remarkable bravery to help a woman get away from her kidnapper, according to a report from Shareably.

The source reported that Komer wasn't sure initially if he should interfere in the event. He didn't know whether his involvement would worsen the situation or even endanger his own life. But he was determined that he could not just stand by and watch things happen.

The 25-year-old worked late nights at the local gas station and he had witnessed many 'strange things' unfold before his eyes. But he knew at once, in this situation, that he had to react and help the woman.

Komer had his doubts right from the time the man and the woman entered the shop, with the woman looking distraught and 'shaking.' He immediately knew that something was wrong. Then realized that perhaps the woman was not with the man by her own choice.

He then stepped closer to the woman and ensured her that he would help her. "You come stand behind my back, I'll help you. No problem," the source quoted him as saying.

However, even until this time, the man was still unsure about whether or not he was doing the right thing. Most importantly, he did not know what was the man' relationship with the woman.

But when he interfered, he could tell from the way that they both acted that he was right to come to the help of the lady. Komer then pretended to have a gun in his pocket and walked right up to the kidnapper.

He even got the man to give her back her car keys and her card, but the man refused to do so and Komer had to threaten him but he only fled away in the woman's car.

Komer then phoned the authorities and they caught the man by tracking the woman's phone which was left behind in the car.

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