'Roseanne' celebrity Sara Gilbert and her partner Linda Perry open up on marriage and child

Despite the fact that raising a child is difficult, becoming a parent is one of the most exciting feelings people might experience.

Sara Gilbert and her spouse, Linda Perry, know it firsthand as they welcomed their son Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry in 2015. At that point, they shared several details of their life after adding such a special person to their family.

Everything happened at the 2015 Outfest Legacy Awards, when Rhodes was only eight months old. Perry confessed that the first time he grabbed her face and said 'Mama' was amazing.

She added that he was very intelligent as he would turn to a person after hearing their name. Perry admitted that she and Gilbert used to share night duties to make things easier but that there was nothing out of the ordinary or too difficult for them to handle themselves.

They were quite prepared, though, as they had everything set for late night feeds the baby needed to reduce the time they spent awake.

The couple confessed that even though the baby changed the entire landscape of their relationship and their life, he brought them even closer together.

After admitting that, from time to time, they kind of left the other behind to put more focus on the baby, they realized that the communication during those situations was really helpful.

According to them, they would check in on each other, asking things like: 'Are you alright?' or 'What do you need?' Finally, they confessed that Rhodes changed their life in a good way and that they are deeply in love with him.

When Gilbert revealed her sexual orientation, she began dating American TV and film producer Ali Adler in 2001. After dating for ten years, they decided to call it quits in 2011. Soon after that, she and Perry began dating.

The couple got engaged in 2013, but they had to wait until 2014 to get married as the same-sex marriage was solemnized on March 30, 2014.

At the moment, the family lives happily together. Gilbert is also in touch with her two other children, Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler (born in 2004), and Sawyer Gilbert-Adler (born in 2007).

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