The Royal family has some pretty unexpected nicknames

The Royal Family is not unlike other normal families when it comes to giving adorable nicknames to one another.

Closer Weekly wrote about the various surprising and unheard-of nicknames of the members of the British Royal Family.

These names are not just the official titles like Queen Elizabeth's title 'Head of the Commonwealth' and 'Defender of the Faith,' but more common family nicknames given to each other in love.

The source reported that Queen Elizabeth used to call herself 'Tillabet' when she was a little girl. With the passage of time, that nickname dropped to 'Lilibet.' She is also lovingly called 'Cabbage' by Prince Philip, as reported by the source.

The name was even included in 2006 movie The Queen, where the character playing Prince Philip says the line, "Move over, cabbage." Screenwriter Peter Morgan confirmed that he heard about it from a good authority.

Late Princess Diana was one of the most popular members of the Royal Family, but very few know that she was nicknamed 'Dynasty Di' after her certain fashion statements reminded the pundits of 1980's primetime soap opera.

Later, following her sad demise, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave her the most popular nickname ever, 'People's Princess.'

Prince William also has an adorable nickname as revealed in a 2007 interview by the Prince himself. He was called Wombat by his late mother, Diana when he was only 2 years old. The name got stuck with him, he confirmed.

William also attended University of St. Andrews under the alias of Steve to avoid any undue attention, so that is the name that William's friends have for him.

Similarly, Prince Harry also goes by the name of Spike amongst his friends. In fact, for a long time, he had a Facebook account under the name of Spike Wells. It was later closed because of security concerns.

Finally, Kate Middleton has the most adorable of nicknames of all. She revealed that in her school, she was called 'Squeak,' named after her guinea pig.

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