New 'Roseanne' teaser surfaces and it reveals a first look at David

The show seems to have retained a lot from its original series.

According to an article published by Pop Culture, the latest trailer of the Roseanne revival series gave the viewers a trip down memory lane, while bringing back John Galecki for the first episode.

In the teaser, Galecki’s character David Healy is seen stepping into his wife Darlene’s room, remarking that nothing had been changed around the house since the time their children were young

The appearance of Darlene’s room does justice to this statement, bearing a striking resemblance to the way it used to look in the original series.

Darlene has a quick-witted response to David’s comment, which is very typical of the character. She responds by saying that the resemblance was the result of a decorating choice called poverty.

Apart from the chemistry between Darlene and David, the teaser also contained snippets of other familiar and popular characters from the show.

In one scene, Darlene and D.J. are seen having a conversation with Roseanne and Dan on the subject of credit card points.

In another shot, Dan receives a tongue-in-cheek comment on his nail polish, when what is really on his nails is drywall.

Roseanne can also be seen screaming at someone upstairs in their home while slowly sliding up the stair lift.

The trailer is full of candid conversations, unusual situations, and funny responses, and it has raised the anticipation of fans and followers of the original series.

The ABC show received a lot of acclaim during its first run, becoming one of the most popular sitcoms of the ‘80s and ‘90s. As for the revival series, it is already attracting positive reviews from critics.

Galecki will be featured on the new show only in the first episode, and fans are thrilled about being able to see most of their favorite characters being portrayed by the same actors from 20 years ago.

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