Man finds 5 abandoned puppies in a garden. After a while, he realized they aren't puppies

He was shocked to know that he had not rescued a litter, but a pack.

According to an article published by Shareably, a man rescued a group of little furry animals thinking that they were puppies, however, an expert later revealed a different truth.

When Craig Mcgettrick was volunteering in his neighborhood, he discovered a worn-out cardboard case. He was cleaning the local garden when he found the abandoned box containing a group of what looked like a group of very young puppies.

Mcgettrick was concerned about the plight of the helpless litter, particularly because there was no sight of their mother around.

With the help of a friend named Beccie, he transported the puppies to Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool, which was the closest rescue facility.

Hoping that people will come forward to help the animals, the two friends also shared a few photos of the litter on social media.

While the photo started gaining traction, Mcgettrick got an unexpected notification from a person named Martin Hemmington.

On looking into the message and the profile of Hemmington, Mcgettrick realized that he was the founder of National Fox Welfare Society. He had reached out to Mcgettrick to inform him that the animals he rescued were, in fact, fox cubs.

Hemmington later shared the revelation on social media, explaining that he had been contacted by Beccie to verify the species of the rescued animals. It was then that Hemmington confirmed that those were fox cubs and not puppies.

Some people on social media grew curious about why the mother of the cubs had abandoned them, and Hemmington responded by stating that vixens often leave their offsprings to grow, observe and explore their surroundings by themselves.

Hemmington used his knowledge about the family culture of foxes to come to the conclusion that the cubs needed to be returned to where they were left. This was because their mother could be searching worriedly for them.

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