'Alaskan Bush People' family's new neighbors reportedly have a bunch of reasons to hate them

They say that people can't choose their families, but they can't also choose their neighbors. Whenever someone moves next door, people can only hope for the best.

The Alaskan Bush People cast, for example, moved to Washington in late 2017 after Ami Brown, the matriarch of the family, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

But, by relocating to Washington so Ami could be closer to the clinic where she was going to be treated, they made some people unhappy, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

The Browns recently settled down in Omak, Washington, but the residents didn't find their presence amusing. In fact, they seemed to be quite upset by it.

The Discovery Channel stars made a $500 000 lakefront house their home, which led the locals to complain that they didn't want the television stars sniffing around.

According to the source, none of the people interviewed allowed themselves to be identified, but their opinion was very clear: Omak was a small town, not Hollywood.

For that reason, they didn't want the cameras around, which followed every move made by the Browns. An Omak resident, whose identity is yet to be revealed, claimed to have spotted Rain and Gabe Brown in the town's Wallmart.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, the two seemed to be smiling and joking around just like they did on the show, but the onlooker didn't believe their happiness.

To the resident, it seemed as if they were trying to appear happy for the cameras, like something was very wrong, but they were choosing to ignore it for the sake of the show.

While there isn't any actual proof of this tale, it seems that the Browns might have their hands full when it comes to the small town of Omak and the preparations for the upcoming season of Alaskan Bush People

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