'Doctors dismissed my dying six-year-old daughter’s meningitis as ‘bruises’'

A young girl sadly loses her life after the doctors failed to recognize her condition for what it truly was.

Six-year-old Layla-Rose sadly passed away from meningitis because a doctor believed that her mother, Kirsty Ermenekli, was only being paranoid about her daughter's flu-like symptoms.

According to Shared, Ermenekli had rushed her daughter to the Royal Oldham Hospital in England after she suffered from high fever and even had a rash mark on her hip.

When she arrived at the hospital, it took a lot of time - "a good couple of hours" - before a doctor finally saw Layla-rose. The doctor then told Ermenekli that her daughter only had a bruise and was suffering from a viral infection.

But when her daughter's suffering did not end and she continued to feel sick and uncomfortable, the mother returned to the hospital. Sadly, only eight hours later, the young girl passed away.

Currently, an investigation is ongoing over the negligence of the hospital and the medical authorities as the probable reason behind the death of Layla-Rose.

The mother later told that she is concerned about the length of time that they were made to wait without doing anything. There was no blood test done for a long period of time.

She also claimed that she has been seen by the hospital authorities as a 'paranoid mother' and the staffs were not bothered by the least.

"I was not being kept informed of the development. I couldn't fault the care on the children's ward but all that time in [the emergency room] could have made a difference and Layla should have been admitted sooner," the source quoted the grieved mother as complaining.

It was only later discovered by the doctors that Layla-Rose had passed away from meningococcal meningitis and septicemia. Investigations further revealed that the girl had not been accurately diagnosed.

The doctor who saw Layla-Rose failed to recognize the rash for what it was and was not reported as something that should be the cause of worry.

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