Five-week-old Blayke dies after hospital refuses to make room for her

Parents lost their baby after the hospital responded that they could not admit the five-year-old for more intensive care.

Five-week-old Blayke tragically passed away after a hospital failed to admit her claiming they were over their capacity, according to Shared.

The daughter of Tessa McAllister and Cody Hay began showing cold-like symptoms immediately after her birth. But the hospital authorities reassured her that it was only common cold and their daughter would recover in no time.

Somehow, the couple's parental instincts got them skeptic and they turned to their family doctor of 34 years, Dr. Jeffery Hans. But Dr. Hans also had the similar reply for the couple.

Eventually, the parents returned home, but when Blayke failed to recover, the parents finally got the right diagnosis. Their baby was suffering from a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which attacked the lungs and respiratory tract but initially showed cold-like symptoms.

After the diagnosis, the parents requested the authorities to hospitalize their daughter as her condition was worsening each day.

"My baby's sick and I don't think I can do it. So I went and I said that. 'I don't think I can take care of her at home,'" the source quoted the mother opening about her traumatic experience.

Dr. Hans then contacted the hospital and requested them to take the baby in. But, shockingly, the hospital replied that they were over capacity by 20 percent due to the flu outbreak and could not admit the baby.

Following this information, Dr. Hans suggested that they could have the baby hospitalized if she was to be taken to the emergency room. But he mentioned that it wasn't absolutely necessary.

He also told the parents they could go home if they liked and bring back the baby next day to his clinic. The parents decided to trust their doctor of 34 years and simply went home.

But that night, Blayke sadly passed away while McAllister was in her sleep. "I'll never forgive myself for falling asleep," the sad mother stated.

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