Things that happen to your body when you eat 2 bananas each day for a month

Preeti Pillai
Mar 22, 2018
12:19 P.M.

Not only does this fruit pleasure your taste buds, but it could also be a lifesaver.


Banana is a great source of many essential nutrients including fibers, minerals, vitamins and naturally available sugar. Surprisingly, the most consumed fruit in America is the banana that beat apples and oranges combined.

The benefits of this mundane fruit are tremendous. Bananas grow out as green in color at first. As they ripen, they turn yellow and comprise of healthier nutrients in this state.

This is due to the increase in tumor necrosis factor in the ripe bananas. Tumor necrosis enables the immune system to keep a check on abnormal cells in the body. This results in a better communication between the immune system and the cells.

The immune system can destroy a cell if it is time is up an prevent the formation of cancerous cells. Bananas are also rich in antioxidants that boost energy and overall health.


Here are a few benefits of eating bananas on a regular basis:

Alleviating heartburn:

Bananas reduce any kind of acid reflux or heartburns almost instantly after consumption.

Easing PMS and nervousness:

The fruit is renowned to keep a check on rising stress and controlling the body sugar levels. It is rich in vitamin B and enhances mental relaxation, balances mood swings and alleviates menstruation woes.

Regulating body temperatures:

Bananas help the maintain body temperatures in the desirable range and can even bring down a fever.


Easing bowel movements:

The fruit has a high content of fiber and can effectively treat constipation by bringing bowel movements to normalcy.

Controlling blood pressure

Bananas are rich in potassium and can keep the sodium levels of the body in check. This drastically reduces the risks of high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

Boosts energy

Consuming 2 bananas every day before a workout can deliver the appropriate amount of energy for the session. It will also reduce the chances of getting cramps during the workout.


Reducing the risk of Anemia:

Bananas are rich in iron and speed up the process of producing hemoglobin and RBCs

Stomach ulcers:

The fibrous and soft texture of banana lines the stomach and reduces the risk of the stomach experiencing irritation, ulcers, and acidity.

Tackles depression:

Bananas contain Tryptophan in abundance. Tryptophan gets synthesized into serotonin after consumption. Serotonin relaxes the body and improves the mood that helps to fight depression.

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