What does a mom say when a 19-year-old guy asks her 12-year-old daughter for her number?

Dear AmoMama,

Recently I had a very embarrassing and awkward experience while out with my 12-year-old daughter. We went to a movie, and when we were in the lobby buying popcorn and sodas, there was a group of older boys nearby.

I noticed they were looking at my daughter and talking among themselves. My daughter is very pretty, very tall and physically very mature for her age and looks a lot older.

She is also very confident, so these boys must have thought she was their age or close to it. After a while, one of the boys came over and politely introduced himself and asked her for her contact.

 I asked him how old he was and he told me he was 19. I told him to move on or I would call security, that my daughter is 12, and a child.

He was very embarrassed, and apologized and went away. I called the security an told them this boy had approached my daughter and that I thought he might be a pedophile.

My daughter got angry with me. She said she would never give her number to anyone she didn't know, and that I was being awful. She was ashamed of me. She made me take her home and has told me she will not go out with me again.

I think I may have overreacted because she is very angry, and said I don't trust her to be sensible, and was very unpleasant.

But what else could I have done? How was I supposed to defend my child from unwanted sexual advances from what is is essentially a grown man? What should I have done?

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