Michael Jackson's parents 'mortified' over Paris Jackson's alleged same-sex love affair

Although their love affair seems like is a match made in Heaven, the star's daughter may have some family problems just because of it.

After Paris Jackson and Cara Delevigne posted a series of couple-like selfies on social media on March 20, 2018, their match seems to be awesome.

But according to Radar Online, her two 'ultra-conservative' grandparents are not happy about these same-sex relationships.

 The same outlet explained that 87year-old Katherine Jackson and 89-year-old Joe Jackson are 'mortified' with these posts.

Although they've been inseparable since the first time they met, 19-year-old Jackson and 25-year-old Delevigne, they didn't confirm they were in a relationship until she posted the selfie on Snapchat.

In the already famous picture, the lovely couple can be seen snuggling while watching the lesbian-themed movie, Carol.

A family insider told Radar Online that her grandparents aren't that happy with the relationship, claiming that they're too conservative to allow same-sex relationships.

"Joe and Katherine are mortified over Paris' new romance with Cara because it goes against everything they believe in, which is that a woman should be with a man," the insider claimed.

The same source explained that they're interested in Paris' well-being, claiming that they're worried about Cara's fast-paced lifestyle and how Paris might not be able to handle it.

Jackson's fanbase was able to have a peek at her room when she posted a picture of her model girlfriend on her bed. 'a r t,' Michael Jackson's daughter captioned on it.

Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson's brother, approves the relationship and showed some love and respect for Cara in the comments section of the post.

"Cara Delevigne is art itself!" he wrote.

Several people said that Paris is completely in love for the first time, as the couple has been seen in different settings carelessly showing themselves as girlfriends.

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