Counting On' stars Kendra and Joe Duggar reveal how many children they want to have

Kendra and Joe Duggar got married at the beginning of autumn and now, they’re about to become parents and they want a large family.

It’s not a surprise they would want a huge family though because they both come from one! In a news from Inquisitr, they apparently want as many children as God wills.

Kendra has seven younger siblings and Joe, as we all know, has 20 siblings. In their family blog, Duggar Family Blog, the couple revealed on the recent episode of Counting On and while playing Marshmallow Game that they want many kids.

Played at their joint bachelor and bachelorette party, both were asked questions about one another. If they answer the question wrong, a marshmallow will be stuffed in their mouth.

Jana Duggar was the quizmaster for the game and when asked how many children they would like to have, it looked like they have already talked about the matter as they both replied that they wanted as many as the Lord wills. It’s not a surprising answer as they follow the Quiverfull faith.

They believe that using birth control is sinful and they think that couples should abstain from using it, resulting in them having as many children. Of course, their parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar follow this guideline too.

Kendra and Joe announced at Christmas that they were expecting. It is most likely that fans will see a little Kendra or Joe this June.

The Duggar grandparents already have 10 grandchildren. Their 11th will probably be from Joe and Kendra while the 12th from Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think about Kendra and Joe having as many babies as the Lord wills.

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