93-year-old vet dies with no one to carry his casket. Except six teenagers with huge hearts

When a war veteran had no family members to carry his casket, six young football players stepped up for the duty.

Six young local football players stepped up to carry the casket of the D-Day war veteran Thomas Hunter, who died at the age of 93.

According to Good Inside Us, Hunter participated in the D-Day invasion during World War II and served in the military during 1942 to 1949. After returning from war, Hunter never married and had no children.

He had 11 siblings but he outlived them all when he passed away on September 12, 2017.

So when the time came to carry out the veteran's funeral, no one knew who would carry his casket. The funeral director at Southern Funeral Homes in Winnfield, Louisiana then approached local football coach Lyn Bankston.

Price called in to check if any of the players would like to volunteer and help out in the war veteran's funeral process.

Bankston then asked some of the younger players whom he knew well: Matthew Harell, Brett Jurek, Justin Lawson, T.J. Homan, Christian Evans, and Lee Estay. The source informed that each one of those players then answered with 'a resounding yes.'

“These are all young men who are leaders in our program and our community,” the source quoted Bankston as stating. He further added, “They know the sacrifice Mr. Hunter made and it meant something to them.”

The six young players then arrived on the day of the funeral in their football uniforms. Bankston revealed how the boys had asked him if it was appropriate to visit in the football jerseys.

The coach then told them that it was appropriate for them to wear their jerseys because they and their uniform both stood for something that veterans like Hunter strongly believed in - serving one's country.

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