Queen Latifah's heartmelting words following her mother's sudden death

Experiencing the death of a family member is one of the worst things in life. Queen Latifah knows it firsthand and she publicly expressed her sorrow and pain.

On March 21, 2018, Latifah announced the passing of her mother, Rita Owens in a statement she shared to People. In it, she pointed out that anyone who met her knew what a bright light she was.

She added that Owens was gentle but strong, sweet but sassy, worldly but pragmatic, a woman of great faith, and the love of her life. According to Closer Weekly, Latifah’s mother was struggling with a heart condition for many years.

Sadly, her battle was over in the worst possible way. Latifah herself gave further details of her mother’s condition during an interview in 2015.

In it, she admitted that Owens was living with heart failure and a lung condition. The heart disease was discovered in 2004, when she passed out while teaching art at a New Jersey high school.

During an American Heart Association event, Latifah pointed out that her mother was the strongest woman she ever met as she pulled the entire family through by herself.

Even after her heart failure diagnosis, she was still as strong as always. Owes was 69 at the time of her death. Latifah used to live part-time with her in New Jersey, where she helped the caregivers to take care of her.

She did so to make sure her mother was as comfortable and had whatever she needed. She confessed that thanks to those actions, they managed to get a lot closer and they even learned themselves in a whole different and deeper level.

At the moment, Latifah is single and she hasn’t welcomed a child yet. She has been seriously thinking about it, though. In 2016, she admitted to being ready to become a mother and that she would probably adopt a child that’s not necessarily a baby.

So far, she has not said anything about it and the truth is that she has been quite busy with Star, portraying Carlotta Brown. All that is left to do is wait for her to see if she finally adopts a child.

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