She’s only 9. But all the judges immediately turned around after hearing her incredible voice

The reaction on the faces of the judges says it all.

According to an article published by Jumble Joy, 9-year-old Molly Sings captured the hearts of the audience and judges on The Voice, not just with her rendition, but the choice of the song itself.

Molly walked on to the stage with a smile, while the audiences faced away, waiting to hear the voice of the contestant.

The girl began to sing the song Am I Not Pretty Enough? Halfway through the first line of the song, the expression on the judges’ faces changed.

They appeared to be shocked by the sweetness of Molly’s voice and her incredible control. It did not take long for all the judges to hit the button and turn around to see who the singer was.

The song, written by Kasey Chambers, is about the insecurities of a woman that result from all the expectations that the society has from her.

A woman is expected to look conventionally pretty, to hide her emotions behind strong demeanor and be funny.

Although the song captures the plight of a young woman in today’s world, Molly’s performance was thought-provoking on a different level.

Hearing these qualms being expressed in a 9-year-old girl’s voice gave it a deeper meaning, which appeared to have touched the judges’ hearts.

Molly’s heartfelt performance left the judges teary-eyed, and Mel B seemed to have been particularly taken by the little girl’s talent.

Little Things reported that the parents were beaming with pride as they stood backstage listening to their daughter’s song.

And the expression on their faces when the judges turned their chairs around was priceless.

Mel B told Molly that she would be the ideal coach for her since as a woman and a mother of four daughters, she would bond well with her.

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