Girl holds out her hand to grandpa. Then music starts to play and our faces light up with joy

The video shows just what the two mean to each other.

Faith Tap reported that an old man’s face lit up when his granddaughter turned on the music for a dance.

Rachel is a young woman who shows exceptional care for her grandfather. Among the many things, she adds a little bit of fun every day.

When she decided that it was time for her grandfather to dance, little did she know that she would witness to some amazing skills.

As she turns on the music and invites him to dance by holding her hand out, his face lights up with joy.

Rachel’s grandfather is 93 years old and has Alzheimer’s. Yet, he stands up to dance and demonstrates an important life lesson.

Age is just a number. Just because one is 93 years old, doesn’t mean they have to act 93. One is really only as old as one feels.

The man did not offer any excuses at all. He gave in to his granddaughter’s request and found that loosening up and having a little fun was just what he needed.

As the two swayed from side to side, the grandfather never once stopped smiling. 

It was a moment of pure joy for this grandfather and granddaughter. They showed that they mean the world to each other.

Accompanied by upbeat music to guide their footsteps, and each other to lean on, their dance has warmed hearts around the world.

The man’s willingness to get up on his feet and Rachel laughing along gave some absolutely priceless moments.

They had their sweet moments recorded and they can look back at the dance and smile as they watch it.

The woman does a lot for her grandfather, from cleaning to preparing his meals and even going for walks with him. 

She showed how much she loves and cares for him when she went the extra mile to help him dance.  

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