Photo of daughter and stepdad on the floor went viral after people saw mom’s tearful caption

Although most people would like to have biological children instead of adoptive ones, the family is more than the people you share your genetics with.

The true bond of a family comes from the shared experiences, memories, and connections they have, and that's more important than a bloodline.

According to Relay Hero, Karisa Smith knows this, and she wanted to let everyone know when she posted a picture of her husband with her daughter, who's not his biological child.

When he arrived home after just 14 days away, Karisa’s husband and his stepdaughter shared an emotional moment this mother had to capture and post.

For Karisa Smith, the word 'stepfather' is one she prefers not to use, as she considers her husband as a true father to her daughter.

Karisa met her husband when her daughter was only 9 months old, as they quickly fell both in love while he also fell for the little girl.

Karisa's daughter, currently a 3-year-old girl, is so close to her 'stepfather' that when he has to go away for work, due to the fact that he works for the military, she becomes upset and anxious constantly.

After coming back from this trip, Karisa couldn’t help but take a picture of them cuddling on the floor and she immediately posted it social media.

'This picture was taken at 2 a.m. when he snuck home from work to calm her down because she missed him; he had been gone for 14 days,' she wrote.

The photo was originally posted to Love What Matters and received an overwhelming number of likes, comments, and shares.

Many people took used the platform to share their own real stories of men who raised them with more love and devotion than their own fathers, men just like this 'stepfather.'

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