That's what will happen to your body if you stop taking a shower

Mar 24, 2018
12:20 P.M.
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Taking shower is refreshing as well as good for the body.


Shared reported that there are at least eight things happen to the body when one stops taking showers.

Sometimes people miss taking a shower for a day or two. The immediate result is an unpleasant odor, especially if the person happens to sweat more than the average person.

Thinking of going longer than a few days without cleaning the body could be a bad thought because body odor then becomes the least of the worries.

Here are eight things that can happen if one decides to stop showering for a month.

Stink but not for too long


Yes, not washing the body for a few days gives results in bad smell emanating.

According to Mercola.com, the odor is created by the bacteria feeding on oily secretions from sweat and sebaceous glands.

After a while, the bacteria on the skin will be more balanced and the bad smell stops.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


Greasy and dirty

Once a person stops taking a shower, they will also start to appear really greasy and dirty.

This happens because the skin produces its own natural moisturizer. This leads to the oiliness and there will be dead skin cells piling up.

Germ machine

The skin is already full of pathogens that occur naturally as well those that come into contact with the skin during the day to day activities.

Though some of these organisms are good for the skin, there are also some harmful bacteria. They stay on the body unless washed away.


These can make a person sick when they enter the body through nose, ears, or mouth.

Risk of skin infections

The skin becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can lead to various infections. Besides, the extra sebum on the face will cause acne or puss bumps.

Dr. Lauren Ploch, a dermatologist, says that while infection may not be a concern, in the beginning, carrying this large load of bacteria can pose a problem if they get into the body through a cut or scrape.

Dermatitis neglecta


When a person goes for a long period of time without washing the body, brown scaly, wart-like plaques start growing on the skin.

Known as dermatitis neglecta, the condition occurs when there is excess sweat, sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells on the skin.

Groin area will suffer

Another condition called interigo develops. This is a yeast and inflammation combination that is characterized by itchiness and a burning sensation.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


Fungus between the toes

Very similar to the previous problem, the toes too will experience some complications. Fungus and dead skin cells create scum and infections in between the toes.

An itchy head

The scalp will be damaged with dandruff, causing it to feel itchy. The heavy oil from the scalp combined with other pollutants will cause the hair to be matted.

Experts also advised against taking a shower every single day. This is due to the fact that some of the products tend to be harsh on the skin. Over-washing also strips the skin of healthy bacteria and oils.

According to experts, taking a shower every two or three days should be a good way to keep the body clean.

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