Americans mourn after popular 1950s actress and television personality sadly passed away

The entertainment industry lost one of its famous actresses recently.

Katie Boyle, film actress and television personality, died on March 20, 2018, aged 91, reported Faith Family America.

She was a popular actress working extensively in films and television back in the 1950’s. Boyle passed away recently aged 91.

During her career, she acted in several films, modeled, and appeared on panel shows and will be remembered for her glamor and sophistication.

Some of her most memorable works include Not Wanted on Voyage, The French, They Are a Funny Race, and Intent to Kill

One of her most recent appearances on television was on The Weakest Link in 2004.

She was best-known for her hosting duties on Eurovision Song Contest in the UK during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The program was an international song competition show in which several countries participated every year.

Family, friends, colleagues, and fans paid a tribute to Boyle soon after the sad news of her death was released. 

Boyle was born in a royal palace in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. She was the daughter of an Italian marquis and an English woman and came to the UK in 1946.

She began a career in modeling, working for publications such as Vogue.

Boyle married Richard Bentinck Boyle, heir to the eighth Earl of Shannon, in 1947. The marriage was dissolved in 1955 but she kept the last name, Boyle.

In the same year, she married Greville Baylis, a racehorse owner. Baylis died in 1976 and Boyle married Sir Peter Saunders in 1979.

There have been some rumors surrounding her that were even published in Queen Elizabeth II: A Woman Who Is Not Amused, by Nicholas Davies.

The author alleged that Boyle had a long-standing relationship with Prince Phillip in the 1950’s, a claim she rubbished later.

Prayers have poured in for her family and loved ones during the difficult time. 

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