Dream Kardashian is so cute even when she's serious in new pic. She looks so much like her dad.

- AmoMama has just learned from Instagram that Dream Kardashian looked cute in a recent picture posted by her father.

- Dream Kardashian currently has the crown of the cutest Kardashian child as she showed off her long curly brown hair.

- Her father Rob Kardashian has revitalized his life in recent weeks as he has dropped his addiction habits and gotten his weight under control.

The Kardashians are the biggest reality television family in the world.

This is thanks to the Kardashian sisters who have made the world of fashion,  social media and reality television their playground.

However, there is a new generation of Kardashians being born already and Dream Kardashian seems to be leading the charge.

Barely a year old, Dream Kardashian is very cute even when she is trying her best to look cute.

Her father Rob Kardashian posted what was supposed to be a serious picture of Dream Kardashian driving a car but all the vibes we got screamed 'adorable'.

Dream let all of her long curly hair down while she was wearing a blue tank top and a white fur jacket.

The very picture of a young diva!

Her father Rob Kardashian has been impressing fans with his new physique since he made his Comeback to the public.

Rob went underground for a few months after he suffered a break down following his split from Blac Chyna.

In fact, the reality star is already down 100 pounds, and he’s losing the weight all in the name of being healthy for his little girl.

It’s no secret Rob loves spending time with Dream, and we love how she’s his inspiration to be the best he can be.

An insider said,

'She gives him a reason to live and to want to be the best he can be. She’s growing up fast, and the fact is, Rob doesn’t want to be sitting on the sidelines just watching her. He wants to be able to run and play with her, he wants to be able to go out and show her the whole world, not just the inside of the compound'.

Can't wait to see Rob Kardashian coaching soccer teams and taking on other dad duties.

Do you think Rob Kardashian has slimmed down?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Instagram

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